Here be Erotica Smut… If you came looking for Romance, you’re in the wrong place. The only happy endings here are of the creampie variety.

I Luv SmutBux is one author with multiple names. Each name is a different flavor of smut. Choose your favorites or sample them all.

DeeDee Zee
Incest Smut :: Father-daughter, Brother-sister, Uncle-niece, and so on. The family who plays together has the most fun.

Dame Doggy
Bestiality Smut :: These girls are giving a bunch of horny dogs a place to bury their bones.

Coming Soon
Doctor Smut :: Doctors who use their positions to take advantage of as many women as possible.

Coming Soon
Vanilla Smut :: All consensual and no family members. This is the smut for the general public who just want to see people get laid.